Our first Australian Shepherd came to us in 1990, a beautiful blue merle bitch I named Maddie. She is who first introduced me to this wonderful breed.
I whelped my first litter in the Fall of 2013. At that time my goal was to produce beautiful, healthy family dogs.
My love for producing the perfect family member has not changed, however, I wanted to become more involved in the breed so decided to venture into the world of conformation dog shows. After doing some research and looking for a "type" that fit what I wanted to be my goal to strive to produce with my lines, I was able to purchase a few puppies from some outstanding breeders who shared similar goals. In 2019, I produced my first bred by champion.

My goal is produce beautiful family dogs who are biddable, with outstanding temperaments and who conform to our breed standard. We have dogs who run agility, work our flock of sheep and just enjoy lounging on the couch. Our dogs here at CinchTight are our pets first and foremost.

Our dogs are health tested at appropriate ages and temperament tested as well. If they cannot get along or have a questionable temperament we do not include them in our breeding stock. All of our dogs are registered with the American Kennel Club and most are also registered with the Australian Shepherd Club of America. We always give special consideration for active show/performance homes, and especially to Junior Showmanship homes.

We are located in Northeastern Pennsylvania, 70 miles North of Harrisburg, PA, 10 miles North of I-80, and 3 hours from New York City and Philadelphia.

I am an active member in good standing of the following clubs:

• United States Australian Shepherd Association
• Australian Shepherd Club of America
• MidSusquehanna Valley Kennel Club



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